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DEDOS is a toolset which allows teachers to design their own educational activities which can be performed on several devices (PCs, digital whiteboards, Android devices and multitouch tabletops). The adaptation of the educational activities to the device used is done automatically. Therefore, it is easy to use it since teachers do not need to configure anything.

DEDOS project is formed by two tools. The first one, DEDOS-Editor, will allow the creation of educational and collaborative activities. The designed activities can be performed on multiple devices (PCs, digital whiteboards, Android tablets and multi‐ touch tabletops) by using DEDOS-Player. These tools put the creative power in the hands of teachers, who will design the activities having in mind the characteristics of the students who will perform them. DEDOS-Player adapts automatically the educa‐ tional project to the device used by students without teachers having to do any additional configuration steps.